Water Conservation and Washing Vehicles

Conserving water and being kind to the environment is on alot of people’s minds these days. Some think washing their car at home is kind to the environment but actually as the chart below shows- a self service car wash is more efficient and uses less water. One reason is because using a power washer, like those at Fast Eddie’s can conserve even more water. Power washers use on average about 3 gallons per minute, with a potential savings of up to 80 gallons over using a standard hose without an automatic shutoff nozzle.

Additionally, a properly designed car wash is connected to a sanitary sewer that carries the dirty water to a waste water treatment plant. Here at Fast Eddie’s we use recycled water.

“There are three types of commercial car washes: self-serve car washes, in-bay automatic car washes, and conveyor car washes. The following table provides water use information by car wash type. The data represents the total water used, and does not take into account whether or not a car wash recycles its water.” The results show self service car washes use the least amount of water. Come by and try Fast Eddies Self Service Car Wash out. Wash your car and feel good about it too.

Information and Statistics taken from the Department of the Environment, Maryland: